Harold Bradley III

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A Wedding Invitation

A Wedding Invitation

I developed haroldandjustine.com with PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 to keep track of RSVPs for my wedding. The page has a subtle 'popup box' that appears after it has been opened for a few seconds prompting the visitor to respond to the invitation. Clicking the link in the box smoothly scrolls the user to the RSVP form. The form is secure and bot-resistant. It is progressively enhanced with JavaScript animation and client-side validation and uses AJAX to submit the data.

A Small Business Website


This design is a site I built on WordPress in 2010. The markup validates as XHML 1.1 according to the W3C Standards. The mouseover effect on the main images at the top of the page is written in pure CSS. Today, I would probably use JavaScript for the effect, but I consider it an exercise in the intricacies of CSS.

In the works...

Django Project

Just recently, I began learning Python web development using Django. I am working on a project to keep track of finances, create flexible budgets, and to see future projections for savings and debt management based on the current budget. I'm still developing the model, but here is a flat HTML mockup that I will be using to design the template.

Also in the works...

A Personal Blog

Another project I've been working on is this design for a personal blog that I intend to keep as I work through grad school. I gave extra attention to the typography in this design. My plans include creating a script that will allow me to progressively enhance footnote hyperlinks. The markup will include a link to the footnotes at the end of the article, but if a browser allows JavaScript, clicking the footnote will cause a small "pop-up" of the footnote's content to appear so the user doesn't loose their context by excessive scrolling.

A Class Project

Browser Benchmarks

This is a class project that I submitted for my university's CMIS 310 Web Architecture and Development course. The assignment was to run multiple browsers, compare and contrast them using relevant benchmarks, and submit the final report in an HTML page. I presented the statistics using HTML tables that are sortable using a non-intrusive, modular script that I developed.

A Logo Design

A Logo Design

This page showcases a logo and business card I designed for an RV park. I used Inkscape to design the logo and the Gimp to layout the business card.

My Hosting Environment

Most of the sites I've designed (including this one) are hosted on a linux virtual server running Gentoo Linux that I setup, secure, and maintain. The server runs Apache, PHP, MySQL, and my personal Git repository. It also runs several Bash and Python scripts that I use to backup and deploy websites.

My Tools

I write my code using the VIM editor. For revision control I use Git. I spend much of my time in the terminal and use Tmux for multitasking and to detach and reattach to remote sessions. My primary browser is Chrome for its speed and powerful web developer tools.

For templating and mockups I use the Gimp, a raster image compositing tool that is the Open Source alternative to Photoshop. For logos, icons, and other vector graphics I use Inkscape.